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Theaters of the Harz

Discover impressive indoor theatres as well as great outdoor amphitheatres, some that are set in the side of the mountains. The Harz has a rich yearly programme of events from grand operas to small regional productions.

Harz Mountain Theatre

One of the oldest and most beautiful theatres in Germany can be found in Thale. The Harz Mountain Theatre offers a romantic setting and a breathtaking view towards the northern Harz. Staged classics, fairy tales and concerts of all kinds with unique lighting and scenery - everything here is natural! Walpurgis Night on the 30th April opens the season.

Gandersheimer Domfestspiele Theatre

The grandstand in front of the Romanesque Cathedral holds 1,000 seats and is the largest open-air theatre in Lower Saxony. Every year during the summer months it puts on a number of performances from popular musicals, comedies, and children's theatre.

Nordhausen Theatre

After an eventful history through two world wars, the Neo-Classicist Nordhausen Theatre in association with the Loh-Orchester Sonderhausen is one of the most important cultural institutions of northern Thuringia. The highly acclaimed productions of musical theatre, plays and ballet attract interested people far beyond Thuringia.

Ballenstedt Theatre

On June 8, 1788 Ballenstedt Palace Theatre, the oldest theatre in Saxony-Anhalt opened with its first show," the Ensign, or the false suspicion". In 1852 under the direction of Franz Liszt's the much acclaimed, "Bernburgische Music Festival" took place. You can learn a lot more and get current details of events from the tourist information Ballenstedt.