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Summer Toboggan

Brocken Coaster Schierke

The Brocken Coaster in Schierke at the foot of the Brocken offers all year sled-riding fun. Great fun for families, group outings and birthday parties. Enjoy refreshments on the sun terrace and in the winter warm up with a steaming mulled wine.

Harzbob Thale

Fast paced fun for all ages on this all-weather toboggan run located on the Hexentanzplatz in Thale. The course has a length of one kilometer, where speeds can reach 40 km/h, with nine banked turns, four jumps and a decent of 55 meters.


The summer toboggan, BocksBergBob, is the longest run in Northern Europe at 1250 meters long. With some tight turns, jumps and heights between one to six meters above ground expect a fast paced ride.


This summer toboggan run on Matthias Schmidt Mountain has a length of 550 meters and a vertical drop of 130 meters. To get to the start you have to take the ski-lift which is included in the price, and then accelerate your way down to the finish.