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Sauna and Spas

Harz has always been seen as one of the most important health resorts in Germany. Many of the spas here have consisently won major awards for their facilities and quality of service. The region has numerous spa towns were the natural mineral waters from the mountains are used for swimming pools and baths. The region has some of the best wellness programmes and packages that can be found within Germany. Hotels in Harz have wellness packages, were you can pamper yourself and unwind from everyday life including massage, aroma therapy, sauna, spas to numerous beauty treatments. Most pensions have a room set a side which provide a sauna and massage services which can be booked ahead.

Aqua Land - Osterode

The spacious sauna landscape and spa area is part of the Aloha Aqua-Land Osterode. Here you can relax in eight different saunas, take a swim in the warm spa, or relax in the lounge with wood burning fireplace. In the summer you can also enjoy the large outdoor swimming pools, and enjoy a cocktail on the sun terraces.

Bodetal Valley Spa

The newly opened Bodetal spa is nestled in the stunning landscape of the Bodetal Valley and is a new attraction that is simply stunning. Highlights include large bathing area, light and sound pool, outdoor hot pools, sauna world, and the crisp fresh mountain air.

Kristall Sole Sauna Thermal Spa

The newly opened Kristall Sole Sauna Thermal Spa is a welcome addition to the Harz. A true purpose built spa area with four indoor and two outdoor saunas with different temperatures. Several times a day different sauna infusions are added to strengthen your immune system. The 33 to 36C thermal brine mineral water has a salt content of 1.5 to 12% and is ideal for relaxing.


The Bad Harzburg-Spa is one of the best in Lower Saxony. The natural healing brine bubbles originate 840 meters below ground. The showpiece of the wellness oasis is the sauna world with six different types of sauna. In addition there is a solarium, lounge chairs, a fireplace room, nude sun deck and bistro.