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The Harz has an amazing collection of museums displaying objects from local history, mining, clocks, glass, tin soldiers, aviation, science, chess, natural history and the former German border.

Hall of Homage

The Hall of Homage from 1505 is a unique jewel of late Gothic interior decoration; its walls, ceiling and even the window alcoves are completely covered with wood panel paintings. Each painting is an artwork of quality surrounded by richly carved wood decorations.

Kaiserpfalz Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, built between 1040 and 1050 during the reign of Heinrich III, is a unique secular architecture monument. For more than 200 years German and European history was made here. In the St. Ulrich Chapel at the south end a stone sarcophagus with the figure of Heinrich III on the cover houses the gold capsule containing the heart of the emperor, who died in 1056.

Brocken Museum

On the summit of the highest mountain in the Harz; the legendary "Brocken" is this fascinating museum of on the history and nature of the mountain. Discover about the history, nature, mythology and the role the Brocken played during the cold war and DDR times.

Aircraft Museum

More than 45 airplanes and helicopters are waiting for you. Marvel at the technical rarities, carefully worked-detailed illustrations and much more.


This museum located in Tettenborn displays numerous original exhibits which show the development of the inner German border in the southern Harz from 1945 to1989. See complete collection of medals and decorations from the former GDR state plus security documents. Learn about the ingenious and somewhat desperate ways people tried to escape such as the failed hot air balloon attempt.

Clock Museum

This is a private collection of over 1600 clocks and is highly recommended. It is one of the largest collections in Europe. All sort of clocks from wall clocks to pocket watches are on display including many rare examples.