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Lutherstadt Eisleben

Discover the birthplace and gain an insight into the background and early stages of the life of Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer who was born in Lutherstadt Eisleben in 1483. The 1000-year old town of Lutherstadt Eisleben is the birthplace of Martin Luther and is surrounded by the gentle rolling hills of the Mansfelder Land in the eastern foothills of the Harz Mountains.

The Luther Memorials in Eisleben have belonged to UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. They show a "significant stage of human history and as authentic locations of the Reformation of outstanding universal significance."

The house in Eisleben that Martin Luther was born in documents the chapters of his life and provides an insight into the origins and childhood of the Reformer. The social conditions which influenced Martin Luther's childhood are presented in 13 rooms. The house were Martin Luther died was reopened in September 2012 as a museum and hosts a new exhibition. In the parish church of St Peter and Paul, the "Luther Font" preserves the memory of Luther's baptism, while in St. Andreas Church; Martin Luther held his last four sermons and led two pastors into their ministry. His body was laid out here, before it was transferred to the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

The "Luther Trail Eisleben" connects the Luther sites and churches in the city. On the last Sunday in August a joint public walk takes place here.

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