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Kyffhäuser Monument

The Kyffhäuser Monument also known as the Barbarossa Monument is a monument on the summit of the Kyffhäuser Mountain near Bad Frankenhausen. The monument, which totals 81 meters (267 feet) tall, was built in 1890-96 to plans drawn by the German architect Bruno Schmitz. The Kyffhäuser Monument is the third-largest monument in Germany, after the Battle of Nations monument in Leipzig, and the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument at Porta Westfalica, both of which also were designed by Bruno Schmitz.

Towering over the monument is a 57 metre (188 feet) tower topped by a huge imperial crown. By climbing a 247-step stairway, one can reach the top of the tower and obtain an excellent panoramic view. An adjacent building features exhibits depicting the medieval Kyffhausen Fortress and the Legend of Barbarossa, which held that Frederick Barbarossa, who died during the Third Crusade, was sleeping under the Kyffhäuser Mountain and someday would awaken again to life when Germany needed his leadership.

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