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Harz - The Mountain Forest

Harz is a secret little gem in the middle of Germany, known for many years as a key holiday destination. In the Harz you will find hidden mountain villages and romantic towns with their half-timbered framed buildings, ancient castles and former mines that brought the wealth and prosperity to the region. Goslar and Quedlinburg are just two of the UNESCO world heritage sites within the Harz.
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The Harz Mountains rise from the North German Plain, covering an area of 100km long and 30km wide and spreading over three states: Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Lower Saxony. The Harz has a landscape of mountains, deep valleys with rich alpine forests, mysterious caves and clear mountain lakes and waterfalls. Historically, its status as a prime national holiday destination has never been questioned. From 1952 until reunification, the region was divided between East and West Germany, effectively becoming a political holiday camp straddling the Iron Curtain. Now you can trek along what was the former border line. There are many very interesting treks across the Harz National Park, taking in the Brocken which at 1142m (3,743 feet) is the highest point of the region. It is said that the Harz is the location for the many lost art treasures that were stolen during the Second World War, including the lost amber room from Russia.

The Harz takes on a special appearance when the first snow arrives. Here you can do Alpine Skiing, where the slopes cater for both beginners and advanced skiers, while cross country fans have over 500 kilometres of freshly laid trails to choose from. Although the Harz is not the Alps it offers much better value for money. The slopes are not so full, the lifts are much more affordable and people are very helpful. It is also a great place for the kids to experience winter sports and activities. And don't forget the romantic German Christmas Markets which are held in all the towns across Harz, but the ones in Goslar, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg are especially beautiful. The Harz region is a great year-round sports getaway, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, skiing, golf, sailing, fishing, diving. In fact, there are not many sports that you cannot find in the Harz. If you need to just relax and pamper yourself, than the Harz offers amazing spa towns with natural springs and a vast collection of wellness programs. So if you fancy a mud bath, or an underground cave spa, or just relaxing in saunas and Jacuzzi than the Harz has everything you could desire.