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  • grenzland museum bad-sachsa harz
  • grenzland museum bad-sachsa harz
  • grenzland museum bad-sachsa harz

Grenzland Museum

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This museum located in Tettenborn displays numerous original exhibits which show the development of the inner German border in the southern Harz from 1945 to1989. See complete collection of medals and decorations from the former GDR state plus security documents. Learn about the ingenious and somewhat desperate ways people tried to escape such as the failed hot air balloon attempt.

Tours can be organised, duration 60 minutes. Group size min 10, max 20
Cost 5.00 per person (over 16)

(All photos copyright Grenzland Museum)

Grenzland Museum
37441 Bad Sachsa/Tettenborn
Tel: 05523 999773
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Grenzland Museum

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