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  • Vitamar Bad Lauterberg
  • Vitamar Bad Lauterberg
  • Vitamar Bad Lauterberg


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In the Vitamar swimming pool you will find the largest wave pool in the Harz where the waves easily reach one meter, plus the black hole water slide with an amazing light, video and sound effects. There is also a heated outdoor pool with giant water slide, games area, sunbathing area with sandpit, swings, volleyball and table tennis.

Admission Prices:
Adults 1 hour 4.00 / 2 hours 7.80 / 3 hours 10.90 / All day 12.20
Children 1 hour 3.20 / 2 hours 5.80 / 3 hours 12.90 / All day 14.20

(All photos copyright Vitamar)

Masttal 1
37431 Bad Lauterberg
Tel: 01524-850665
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