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  • hohlen erlebnis zentrum harz
  • hohlen erlebnis zentrum harz
  • hohlen erlebnis zentrum harz

Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum

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How far back in your family history can you go? If you are lucky you may be able to trace it back 200 - 300 years, possible a bit longer, but here in Bad Grund there is an amazing story going back 3000 years. In the Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum Iberger Cave the remains of a Bronze Age family were found. In 2007 scientist asked for local volunteers to come forward and provide genetic samples by use of cotton swabs. 278 local residents came forward and unbelievable two positive matches were found which directly related them to their former ancestors nearly 3000 years ago.

Cost: With tour Adults 8.00 euro / Children 6.00 euro
Opening times: Tue - Sun 10.00 - 17.00

(All photos copyright Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum)

Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum
Tropfsteinhole 1
37539 Bad Grund
Tel: 05327 829391
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Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum

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